The Bonaventura Maschio Distillery presents the “Prime Uve Invitational Barbecue Championship”, the most exclusive KCBS invitational barbecue competition in Italy.


Kansas City Barbecue brings the most prestigious invitational barbecue championship to Italy.

On Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 July, we will welcome to our Distillery all the gurus of the barbecue scene, who will compete to win the “Prime Uve Invitational Barbecue Championship”, an invitational competition sanctioned by Kansas City Barbecue Society. Only the best twenty teams on the European circuit will be invited to enter the competition for an exclusive elite championship.

The categories of the competition

There are seven categories in which the participants will battle for the “Prime Uve Invitational Barbecue Championship”, four deriving from the KCBS American challenges and three linked to the Prime Uve spirits (Prime Uve Bianche, Nere, and Oro).

The former categories are: pulled pork, brisket, ribs, and chicken. These are added to the three ad-hoc categories especially introduced for the occasion: sauce (made with Prime Uve), barrel smoke (obtained from barrels used in distilling), and dessert (with Prime Uve). Given that US-style cooking takes a long time, the team challenge will also continue through the night. Only wood, coal and wooden pellets are allowed to be used as fuelling materials.

The teams competing

The Prime Uve Invitational Barbeque Championship is a very exclusive contest: only the top 15 european teams of the year will be invited to compete, selected according to the KCBS ITOY 2016 ranking, plus the previous edition’s Grand Champion, and the teams who won the two wild cards granted to W.E.S.T. in Riva di Tures, and Brew’n’Q Invitational, in Burton upon Trent, UK.


Miss Piggy’s a husband and wife barbecue team and catering based in Leicester, UK. Scott and Lyndsey have been competing in BBQ for 6 years. Twice EBCC European Champions, they’re the first team to achieve Grand Champion in 5 different countries in the same year. Best european team at Jack Daniel’s Invitational 2012. Only european team ever featured on the famous US tv show BBQ Pitmasters. They compete in UK, Europe, USA and everywhere else you can burn some wood.


Belgium Champion Barbecue in 2012, 2014 and 2015. European Champion Spareribs in 2015. 3rd place Overall European KCBS championship 2015, Belgium KCBS Champion Low&Slow 2015, 5th place in 2013 in Morocco and 3rd Place WBQA Worldchampionship Sweden 2015, 1st Place at Ribs Prime Uve Invitational Italy. 1st Place Pork Baseball&BBQ 2015. Grand Champion KCBS Hasselt 2015, 1st Place Pork Règâhs, Fest Den Haag 2015. 3rd palce at Belgium Champion 2017, 2nd place at European Champion Spareribs 2017 and 3th Place World Championship Sweden 2017.

BBQ Longhorn

BBQ Longhorn Ranch Hands is an Austrian bbq team. The members runs the BBQ restaurant “Longhorn” in Dornbirn and they have turned their work into their hobby. This year, they will take part in 21 competitions across Europe.

Bohemian Backyard Barbecue

Bohemian BBQ is a husband and wife team from Prague, Czech Republic that make BBQ competitions a family event, often bringing along their young sons Kubi (6) and Willi (3). Clint and Eva started as judges, organized KCBS contests in Prague, and started competing in 2015. They are passionate about BBQ, the Yoder Smokers that they cook on, and the great community of friends that they have met through BBQ.


The BrigBoys BBQ Team was born in August 2015 from a group of friends in the area around Milan in Italy. Angelo Carpin is their team leader, KCBS judge and ex member of one of the very first italian bbq teams, the BrigBoys compete for the first time in Prague in 2015. W.E.S.T.  2016 Is their second competition, where they achieve Reserve Grand Champion prize and many calls on all kcbs categories, not to mention the wildcard to compete at the second edition of the Prime Uve Invitational 2016!

Bunch of Swines

Bunch of Swines are a UK based BBQ team made up of a couple, Ed and Emma. They started competing back in 2011 and are now a regular on the European BBQ Circuit. Over the years they won some of the largest European contests, and received awards at some major invitational BBQ events in the USA too. This year European BBQ circuit again!


De Filous from Belgium: the team is made up of Wim and Dimitri. Sometimes they get help from their friend Steven. They’ve been “competing” since 2012, but started doing KCBS competitions in 2014. They always arrive late at competitions and love Gin&Tonic!

De Vliegende Hollander bbq

De Vliegende Hollander BBQ-team formed in 2014, currently consists of Richard Herrebout & his wife Irene Cheung. The teamname was chosen because the legendary ghostship “the Flying Dutchman”, which according to the stories came from their hometown Terneuzen. Now they compete in various countries all over Europe.

Dragon BBQ

Dragon BBQ is competing in KCBS contests since 2014. Reserved Grand Champion Ruhrpott 2016. Michael and Stefanie are the organizers of the Black Forest Smoke & Wine Festival. Beside BBQ contests they do caterings and BBQ workshops as well as workshops for Asian Wok Cooking as Michael is the founder of the “Roaring Dragon”, the most powerful gas burner for asian cuisine.


The Flaming Pig BBQ Team was founded by Jenny & Thomas in 2009 in Sweden. They love and they breath BBQ every day of the week, running a BBQ school, a restaurant and a shop. They love BBQ competitions and have traveled all around the world to challenge the tops teams in this universe. They competed twice at the Jack Daniels Invitational World BBQ Championship and qualified for the draw this year. The arrival of Slow Joe, their dear friend, who joined the team in 2014, made them even more competitive. Grand Champion of Tony Stone in 2016 and Reserve Grand Champion at the biggest KCBS contest in Denmark 2016. In friendship, good times and BBQ they trust, stronger than ever!

Gecko BBQ

The passion to BBQ brought a few IT nerds and a water engineer in small Switzerland together. This is how Gecko BBQ came into life. And since then, we enjoy competing at contests and hang out with worldwide BBQ family.


Grillkunst is an Austrian BBQ-Team that consists of a couple, Franz and Beatrix. They love Barbecue.
2015 they started with two competitions, 2016 they participated at ten contests.
Their biggest success 2016 was the Grand Champion at the 1st Black Forest Smoke & Wine Festival in Germany, where they reached more than 700 points so they are listed in the KCBS 700 Winners Club.
They ended up with a 3rd place in the category ribs at the European BBQ Championship (EBCC Cup) 2016 and an 8th place overall.


IQ is a dutch team founded in 2013, winning 6 Grand Championships, 4 Reserve Grand Championships and over 50 top 10 calls after only 17 competitions. First european team to achieve a perfect score outside the USA, 180 KCBS for Pork.
They are 2015 Dutch National BBQ Grand Champion and National Champion Pork. iQ is the Prime Uve Invitational Barbecue Grand Champion 2016, and winner of the category Chicken. We are the Dutch National BBQ Grand Champion (2015 and 2016) as well as Dutch. Champion overall in the categories Chicken, Ribs and Pork. KCBS International Team of the Year overall Grand Champion and KCBS International Team of the Year in the category Brisket in 2016. European BBQ Cup overall Grand Champion and first place overall in the categories Chicken, Ribs and Pork. We earned the first European perfect score in any category – Pork (2013) and the only European Perfect-Perfect score in Chicken in 2016. iQ holds the record for the highest score ever awarded in the history of KCBS in Europe.

Pure BBQ

Pure BBQ is a group of BBQ friends who started competing in 2012. They did several European and World Championships.  Finished as Lowlands Champion in 2014 and being runner up for the Dutch Championship in 2014.  First Pork and 3rd Overall at Baseball&Cookoff in 2014 Dutch Champion Culinary BBQ in 2015. First Pork and 4rd Overall in Smoke in the North Sweden in 2015 Finished 3rd in Low and Slow Dutch Championships, with 1rd in chicken, 2nd in pork and 3rd in ribs Competed at the Jack Daniels Invitational World Barbecue Championship 2015 in Lynchburg TN USA. Finished 3rd overall in Smoke in the North Sweden 2016 Ribs 4th in Smoke in the North Sweden 2016 Pork 2nd in Meat the East, the Netherlands 2016 Pork 3rd in Farm Meat, the Netherlands 2016 Brisket 3rd Vuur en Vlees, the Netherlands 2016 Brisket 4th Smoke in the North Sweden 2016 Competed in all Prime Uve contests so far.


Southern Dutch BBQ is a competition BBQ team from Breda, the Netherlands. Started out as a backyard cook soon became a passion. Southern Dutch BBQ competed in more than 35 contests all over Europe and the US in the past for 4 years. We see it as a professional sport, and we love what we do.  Since 2014 Southern Dutch BBQ is competing in KCBS BBQ contest all over Europe. Next to be the winner of Ruhrpott 2015 and W.E.S.T. 2016 they have a lot of top 10 finishes.

THE Barktenders

Born in 2016 by the idea of four friends as the representation of the barbecue catering company they founded. The Barktenders was the first Italian team in 2016 itoy ranking qualifying for the invitation at Prime Uve Invitational and Brew’n’q at its first year.


White Squirrel began as husband and wife team Peter and Lili Flynn. The team was founded out of a love for BBQ and the enjoyment of competing. The main focus of White Squirrel BBQ is to promote undiluted American Style BBQ in Europe. The team is multi national as Peter is American and Lili comes from Germany. The team is located in Ingolstadt Germany and enjoys spreading the BBQ gospel throughout Bavaria. 2016 was the first year competing and White Squirrel was able to reach a top ten ITOY ranking with KCBS. In 2017 there will be a baby Squirrel coming so the team has expanded to include Simon Nusser as an alternate when Lili needs a break.

Rokende Règâhs

BBQ Team “de Rokende Règâhs” is a group of friends sharing the passion of BBQ. We started in 2012 with a Weber Smokey Mountain at the Tony Stone Competition. Now, 5 years later, Weber made place for ProQ and have we done over 40 competitions in 10 countries. Our highlight so far was Prime Uve Invitational 2016. This year at Brew’n’Q invitational we won the last wildcard that takes us directly to the Prime Uve Invitational 2017. To be a part of Prime Uve Invitational again is a true honour and nothing could make us happier!

Awards and jury

At the end of the competition, an official KCBS no profit jury will decide the overall winner. Twenty-eight judges will blind-taste the food, i.e. without knowing the dishes authors’ names which will be presented to them. They’ll vote on appearance, taste, and tenderness.

For Barrel Smoke’s category, there will be added an extra judgement by an enogastronomic expert jury that should welcome by assigning an additional award.


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The winners

Grand Champion: BBQ Longhorn

Reserve Champion: Miss Piggy’s


  • 1 The Barktenders
  • 2 Miss Piggy’s
  • 3 Bunch of Swines


  • 1 BBQ Longhorn
  • 2 Dragon BBQ
  • 3 Bohemian Barbecue


  • 1 Brigboys BBQ Team
  • 2 Miss Piggy’s
  • 3 The Barktenders


  • 1 Bunch of Swines
  • 2 The Filous
  • 3 BBQ Longhorn


  • 1 Southern Dutch BBQ
  • 2 Bohemian Barbecue
  • 3 Brigboys BBQ Team


  • 1 Rokende Regahs
  • 2 Miss Piggy’s
  • 3 The Filous


  • 1 BBQ +
  • 2 Flaming Pig BBQ
  • 3 Pure BBQ
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