Amaro Bonaventura “Erbe e Spezie”

“Erbe e spezie” is the Amaro that stems from Prime Uve Nere, our most meditative grape distillate with its spicy and toasty notes, a result of aging in wood. And spices are indeed the scents that characterize “Amaro Bonaventura” Erbe e spezie the most. The very territory of which this Amaro is an expression, the region of Venice, has been a crossroad of cultures, of eastern merchants and their opulence, of scents and flavours pouring in from all over the world.
The spicy side of its complex structure is firmly backed by cinnamon, vanilla and tonka beans. The bitter side counts gentian, cinchona, clary sage and bitter orange; fennel and caraway, known as Persian cumin, add a delicate balsamic touch.

Sensory characteristics

Color: brown with brick red shades.
Aroma: spicy notes of cinnamon cinchona, and vanilla beans, giving way to a balsamic finish.
Palate: charmingly bitter and spicy, with notes of dried fruit and chestnut honey.

Bottle size

  • 0.70L

Alcohol by volume

30% Vol.

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