The value of authentic passions

A large family, a great common passion. Over a century of history for five generations: from the great-grandfather Antonio to the current sole director Italo, who, together with his son and daughter Anna and Andrea, continues the tradition of a company which has always sought out and found basic and authentic values in work, research, and quality. Together with the Maschio family, whole generations of vine growers, distillers, enologists, and wine-making technicians grew and were trained. Sharing the same experiences and desire for innovation and quality in every creative and production aspect.

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Gaiarine was once in the heart of Mitteleuropa, whereas now it is in the centre of the so-called Northeast, one of Italy’s most interesting regions from an economic and cultural point of view. Our vineyards live in a gentle and generous land between the River Piave and the River Tagliamento. Sloping landscapes made famous by the canvases of Cima da Conegliano. Austria, Slovenia, Trieste, Venice, Padua, and Verona are our neighbours, but we feel at home all over the world.

The company today

Every generation of our family has dedicated a large portion of their life to the art of distilling: always with heart, feeling, and enthusiasm, as well as rigour, character, methodical research and work, soul, discipline, curiosity, and wisdom. Italo Maschio is the sole director. After graduating with a degree in Economics and Commerce from the University of Parma, he filled many different positions in trade associations. With a degree in Ancient Literature from the University of Padua and a masters in Export Marketing from Bocconi University, Italo’s daughter, Anna Maschio, joined the family company very young, looking after the foreign sales department. She now aids her father in managing the company, especially seeing to aspects related to communications. Italo’s son, Andrea Maschio, with a degree in Managing Agroindustrial Enterprises from the University of Verona, also aids his father in running the company, particularly looking to matters linked to production and the numerous experimentation activities.




Our method

Emotion has always been a fundamental constant in the tradition and culture of distilling. It means passion; the desire for knowledge and sharing; an emption which, above all, means unceasing and attentive presence, facing the evolution of taste. Only with our emotion can we truly and fully restore to our products all the qualities that characterise them so well. Skilful acts, uncontaminated nature, the desire to discover, uniqueness, and simplicity. All of these are part of our world; they represent us. And, most of all, they represent our spirits, in all of their varied, unique, emotional intensity.

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