The second edition of Europe’s first Invitational Barbecue Championship, hosted by the Bonaventura Maschio Distillery on 2 and 3 July 2016 at Gaiarine (Treviso).


Kansas City Barbecue brings the most prestigious invitational barbecue championship to Italy

The first European Invitational Championship dedicated to American Barbecue is coming back to Italy on 2 and 3 July 2016. This second edition will be hosted by the Bonaventura Maschio Distillery, at its historical facility at Gaiarine (Treviso). Eighteen top teams from all over Europe will gather in Veneto to take part in the “Prime Uve Invitational Barbecue Championship”, a true US-style competition by invite only.

The categories of the competition

There will be 7 categories in the challenge. The four classic KCBS official categories (Pork, Chicken, Ribs and Brisket) and three inspired by Prime Uve’s grape distillate (Prime Uve Bianche, Nere e Oro). BRISKET – beef brisket cooked and smoked in one piece; PORK – usually made with Boston Butt, a shoulder and neck cut of the pork; RIBS – pork ribs smoked and served in the style of Kansas City, with a barbecue sauce glazing or in Memphis Style with a dry rub; CHICKEN – white and dark chicken meat.

Extra Categories: DESSERT – a dessert prepared using one of Prime Uve distillates; SAUCE – Sauce prepared using one Prime Uve. It has to be prepared during the competition and must be presented to the judges in a separate cup; BARREL SMOKE – also known as Chefs Choice. Every team will decide their own entry. It is mandatory to smoke the entry with chunks from a barrel used for the ageing of a Prime Uve.

The Teams

There will be eighteen teams participating in the “Prime Uve Invitational Barbecue Championship”, selected from the best European teams based on their EBCC (European Barbecue Challenge Cup) score from last year. These are joined by the teams that have won the three wild cards granted this year, i.e., the Brig Boys from Brianza, who won at the W.E.S.T. competition at Riva di Tures, the Swedish team Flaming Pig, the Grand Champion at Tony Stone Low and Slow held at Hoofdorp in Holland, and Smoke’n’Fire BBQ, he team that won the Italian Barbecue Championship in Perugia on 12 June.


Miss Piggy’s a husband and wife barbecue team and catering based in Leicester, UK. Scott and Lyndsey have been competing in BBQ for 6 years. Twice EBCC European Champions, they’re the first team to achieve Grand Champion in 5 different countries in the same year. Best european team at Jack Daniel’s Invitational 2012. Only european team ever featured on the famous US tv show BBQ Pitmasters. They compete in UK, Europe, USA and everywhere else you can burn some wood.


Belgium Champion Barbecue 2012, 2014, 2015 | European Champion Spareribs 2015 | 3rd place Overall European KCBS championship 2015 Belgium KCBS Champion Low&Slow 2015 | 3rd Place WBQA Worldchampionship Sweden 2015 | 1st Place Ribs Prime Uve Invitational Italy | 1st Place Pork Baseball&BBQ 2015 | Grand Champion KCBS Hasselt 2015 | 1st Place Pork Règâhs Fest Den Haag 2015.

iQ (NL)

IQ is a dutch team founded in 2013, winning 6 Grand Championships, 4 Reserve Grand Championships and over 50 top 10 calls after only 17 competitions. First european team to achieve a perfect score outside the USA, 180 KCBS for Pork. They are 2015 Dutch National BBQ Grand Champion and National Champion Pork.


PureBBQ is a group of BBQ friends who started competing in 2012. We did several European and World Championships. Finished as Lowlands* Champion in 2014 and being runner up for the Dutch Championship in 2014, First Pork and 3rd Overall at Baseball&Cookoff 2014, Dutch Champion Culinary BBQ 2015, First Pork and 4rd Overall in Smoke in the North Sweden 2015, Finished 3rd in Low and Slow Dutch Championships, with 1rd in chicken, 2nd in pork and 3rd in ribs. Competed at the Jack Daniels Invitational World Barbecue Championship 2015 in Lynchburg TN USA.


German Team made up of seven members. They come from Duisburg, in the Ruhrgebiet area. 2015 BBQ World Championship 2015 in Sweden, 10th place overall, Reseve Grand Champion at Euregio BBQ 2015, Reserve Grand Champion German BBQ Championchip. 2nd place Chicken at Jack Daniels BBQ World Championship 2015 and 1st place Sauce, Chicken and Pork at Prime Uve Invitational 2015.


Team american-german. EBCC Pork Rib Champions 2014. Grand Champion Prime Uve Invitational 2015. 1st BBQ Team in Germany. 2nd EBCC Chicken Champion 2015. 4th EBCC Overall Champion 2015.


Team born from the most renowed italian BBQ community. First Italian team to be invited at the Jack Daniel’s Invitational World BBQ Championship. Reserve Grand Champion at Smoke by the River 2014. Defending Italian Champion. Reserve Grand Champion at the first edition of the Prime Uve Invitational.

Bunch of Swines (UK)

Bunch of Swines are a UK based BBQ team made up of a couple, Ed and Emma. They started competing back in 2011 and are now a regular on the European BBQ Circuit. Over the years they won some of the largest European contests, and received awards at some major invitational BBQ events in the USA too.


The Sea Side Smokers is a Dutch team born in 2012. Two of the members live near the sea, the third loves the sea that’s how they came up with the name. Dutch Reserve Grand Champion 2015, Dutch Champion Ribs 2015. Grand Champion Delft Beer & BBQ Fest in 2015 and Reserve GC at Q on the Canal 2014. First place Ribs at Tony Stone 2013, 2015, First place Chicken Vaartse Hoeve 2015 and First place Sausage Ruhrpott 2014. Sea Side Smokers are the organizers of the third largest European BBQ Contest, the BBQ Society Cook-Off, in Hoofddorp.


The BrigBoys BBQ Team was born in August 2015 from a group of friends in the area around Milan in Italy. Angelo Carpin is their team leader, KCBS judge and ex member of one of the very first italian bbq teams, the BrigBoys compete for the first time in Prague in 2015. W.E.S.T.  2016 Is their second competition, where they achieve Reserve Grand Champion prize and many calls on all kcbs categories, not to mention the wildcard to compete at the second edition of the Prime Uve Invitational 2016!


BBQ Team “de Rokende Règâhs” is a group of friends sharing the passion of BBQ. We bought a Weber Smokey Mountain and started smoking instead of backyard grilling and the love for American BBQ was born. When we found out about competition BBQ we started our team in 2012 on The Tony Stone competition. Since then we are totally hooked and have competed in over 25 sanctioned KCBS contest in 8 countries. The crown on our succes so far is the invite to Prime Uve Invitational 2016 where we come to show our very best.


The Flaming Pig BBq Team was founded by Jenny & Thomas in 2009 in Sweden. They love and the breath BBQ every day of the week, running a BBQ school, a restaurant and a shop. They love BBQ competitions and have traveled all around the world to challenge the tops teams in this universe. They competed twice at the Jack Daniels Invitational World BBQ Championship and qualified for the draw this year. The arrival of Slow Joe, their dear friend, who joined the team in 2014, made them even more competitive. Grand Champion of Tony Stone in 2016 and Reserve Grand Champion at the biggest KCBS contest in Denmark 2016.


BBQ4ALL Defenders Team was born in 2014 and is made of Pitmasters and Coaches BBQ4ALL. On their first season they achieved 2 Reserve Grand Champions and several calls in the most prestigious european contests. These performances granted them the position n. 9 in the european ranking for  category Ribs, and the n.14 overall. #godefenders!!!


This dutch team consists of enthusiastic BBQers that deeply love food. Their goal is to have fun and make good food, especially to BBQ competitions. In addition to the competitions they also do catering, workshops and demo, mainly on the Big Green Egg.


BBQ Longhorn Ranch Hands is an Austrian bbq team. The members runs the BBQ restaurant “Longhorn” in Dornbirn and they have turned their work into their hobby. This year, they will take part in 21 competitions across Europe.


A small family team with 4 members. Peter and Nancy Ammenwerth are supported by their son Noel and their daughter Nova, aged 10 and 12, therefore they are by right the “youngest team” in the competition. They’ve been competing for two years and enjoy BBQ as a great family passion.


Since 2014 Southern Dutch BBQ is competing in KCBS BBQ contest all over Europe. Next to be the winner of Ruhrpott 2015 and W.E.S.T. 2016 they have a lot of top 10 finishes.


Smoke’n’Fire bbq team is a team competing in American Barbecue contests in Italy and in Europe. The team consists of 3 members from the province of Bergamo and Brescia, Eduard, Massimo and Stefano. In 2016 they won first place in the category Brisket, sixth overall at WEST, Riva di Tures; 2nd place Brisket at Tony Stone in the Netherlands; 3rd overall and first place Pork at IBC in Perugia, where they won the wildcard to compete at the Prime Uve Invitational.

Awards and Judges

Twenty-four judges (KCBS-certified invitational judges chosen on the basis of their expertise and experience) will blind-taste the food, i.e. without knowing the name of the creators of the dishes presented to them. They will vote on appearance, taste, and tenderness. The teams will be judged twice in the Barrel Smoke category; in addition to the KCBS, a jury of experts in wine and food has been elected to express their opinion and assign an additional award.

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The winners

Grand Champion: iQ

Reserve Champion: Bunch of Swines


  • 1 iQ
  • 2 Bunch of Swines
  • 3 BBQ+


  • 1 iQ
  • 2 LetzQ
  • 3 BBQ Longhorn


  • 1 BBQ4All Defenders
  • 2 iQ
  • 3 Miss Piggy’s


  • 1 Flaming Pig
  • 2 BBQ+
  • 3 Miss Piggy’s


  • 1 Bunch of Swines
  • 2 LetzQ
  • 3 Brigboys BBQ Team


  • 1 BBQ4All Defenders
  • 2 BBQ4All International
  • 3 Southern Dutch BBQ


  • 1 Flaming Pig
  • 2 BBQ Wiesel
  • 3 Brigboys BBQ Team

Barrel Smoke KCBS

  • 1 BBQ Wiesel
  • 2 Brigboys BBQ Team
  • 3 Pure BBQ
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