San Matìas Tahona

San Matias Tahona is the result of 130 years of experience and time-honored methods reflecting Casa Matias’ passion for producing exquisite Tequila. This artisanal, small-batch Tequila is made according to tradition. To achieve the fullest flavor, the agave is steamed in stone ovens, crushed with our original Tahona stone from 1886, fermented in wooden vats and distilled in copper pot stills – just as it was done centuries ago. For further information please download our brochure.

Sensory characteristics

Nose: pure citrus, white flowers, intense cooked agave and legumes. In the aftertaste, there is a presence of citrus blossoms and a hint of pink pepper.
Palate: incredibly sweet, with flavorful mineral notes. It is smooth with no bitterness.

Bottle size

  • 0.70L

Alcohol by volume

40% Vol.

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