San Matìas Gran Reserva

We are always waiting for that special moment, a culmination of our efforts and dedication. And when that moment finally comes, we would like to stop and stay there. For each person his or her special moment is different.
In 1993 Casa San Matias presented to the world the first extra-aged Tequila. San Matias Gran Reserva is one of a kind, a drink with noble character and a product that reflects the precision that has identified us for more than 130 years.

Sensory characteristics

Nose: wood and dried fruit aromas such as apple and sweet pear can be perceived.
Palate: palate confirms chocolate and vanilla flavors as well as presence of almonds and roasted hazelnut with long lasting end of sweet and ripe fruit flavors.

Bottle size

  • 0.70L

Alcohol by volume

40% Vol.

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